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Default Eurocave froze bottles

On Sep 28, 12:35�pm, Shaun Eli
How on earth could it get that cold? �Even if the compressor ran
continuously I doubt that the cooling unit blows air anywhere near
freezing... And given that it's September it's really not freezing
weather in most of the world.

I'd love to hear an explanation.

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Cwdjrxyz beat me to it. Just as compressor on your fridge keeps one
part of unit at 40F, and freezer at 0-10F, it all comes down to
thermostat. If thermostat goes, compressor just keeps chilling and
chilling, It might normally blow around 40 to 45 to keep around 58.
But if it it keeps recirculating air that is already cold, the air
temp it blows will steadily drop.