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DW Suiter
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Default Commercial Smokers?

Hey Big Crabber,

I haven't had a problem with creosote. I burn seasoned wood. I'm sure there
has to be a certain amount of creosote even with seasoned wood. We have our
chimney brushed at home every year and get a lot of creosote out. Lang
recommends "steam cleaning" the smoking chamber when finished cooking. I've
done this, spraying water in the chamber while hot. When draining, I get a
combination of fat and smoke residue; about a bucket full, especially if I
smoke 8 or 10 butts with the other meats. The fire box is large. I start the
fire and wait until the smoke is white or close to invisible before I put
the meat on. About 35 to 45 minutes. Then, I throw a log or two on about
every hour or so. I use hickory, ash, and oak. It's pretty easy to keep the
temp at about 225.

When you open the door to the chamber, there is a lot of smoke but this has
to be. My smoker is inside a 20' trailer. I simply installed an exhaust fan
to pull the smoke out, with another window allowing fresh air in. If the
smoker is in a confined area, this is a must.

The guys at Lang are great. I went down to get the smoker and they installed
the smoker in the trailer. They welded the legs while I waited, then using a
fork lift, set it in place where I wanted it and bolted it to the frame
through the floor. They told me they can do a lot of custom work; just tell
them what you want and they will tell you if it is feasible.

I've been extremely happy with the Lang. All the meat cooks evenly at both
ends. This is what I was looking for. I didn't need all the bells and
whistles, just a good work horse. I got what I paid for. You can call and
talk to Ben or his wife Becky. They are good people and will take the time
to discuss your needs and their products with you. Other than a small home
smoker, this is the only smoker I have owned and used. In my opinion, it is
a good buy and great value for the money. Ben engineered the baffle system
which is the key to even heat distribution. The warming oven works great and
takes a full size restaurant pan in the three slots. There's room at the
bottom to place a pan of water which I occasionally do. Usually, I seal the
meat pan with aluminum foil so it won't dry out and occasionally spray the
meat with a combination of water, oil, and apple juice. Works fine.

Good Luck,

DW Suiter

"Big Crabber" wrote in message

"DW Suiter" wrote in message
Hello Scott,

. A search only gives you the hype from each company..

I chose a Lang smoker for two very good reasons; first, the well

temperature, second, the price. The temperature doesn't vary 5 degrees

one end of my 8 footer to the other. My model #84 sells for under three

DW, I'm thinking about buying a Lang myself. Have you had any problem

creosote? I'm wondering if I can just throw a log in when it's needed
without worrying if there is going to be too much smoke. I've got a 5'
barrel type cooker now, and find temp. regulation to be a problem.

I think most people have not seen the Lang cooker, so I'm asking you
directly about the creosote. I might just get in the truck and go buy one
next week.

Also, I think someone in Sylvester was building a similar cooker in the
80's. Is that related to Lang?

Thanks, Big