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Big Crabber
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Default Commercial Smokers?

"DW Suiter" wrote in message
Hello Scott,

.. A search only gives you the hype from each company..

I chose a Lang smoker for two very good reasons; first, the well regulated
temperature, second, the price. The temperature doesn't vary 5 degrees

one end of my 8 footer to the other. My model #84 sells for under three

DW, I'm thinking about buying a Lang myself. Have you had any problem with
creosote? I'm wondering if I can just throw a log in when it's needed
without worrying if there is going to be too much smoke. I've got a 5'
barrel type cooker now, and find temp. regulation to be a problem.

I think most people have not seen the Lang cooker, so I'm asking you
directly about the creosote. I might just get in the truck and go buy one
next week.

Also, I think someone in Sylvester was building a similar cooker in the
80's. Is that related to Lang?

Thanks, Big