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DW Suiter
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Default Commercial Smokers?

Hello Scott,

It's apparent you are looking for responses from people who have used
different smokers. A search only gives you the hype from each company..

I chose a Lang smoker for two very good reasons; first, the well regulated
temperature, second, the price. The temperature doesn't vary 5 degrees from
one end of my 8 footer to the other. My model #84 sells for under three
thousand dollars, with a warming oven over the fire box. Don't know what you
had in mind for your restaurant but I wanted pure smoke cooking, no gas or
electric. I am more than pleased with the Lang.

Good Luck,

DW Suiter

"Scott Purdie" wrote in message
Hello all. I've been a lurker for a while...

Anyway, I'm looking for different commercial grade smokers. I've

building one, but that just doesn't seem feasible. Going to all my

local bbq joints, there seem to be a variety of commercial smokers
available -- at least I'm assuming they're commercial units and not
high-tech homemade ones.

If you know of any companies that make smokers for restaurants, please