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Jack Curry
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Default Commercial Smokers?

Scott Purdie wrote:
Thanks to all the smart-asses with the "search engines are amazing
things" comments.

No doubt. Since this is a bbq list and there seem to be many people
here that know their stuff, I was thinking maybe a few people had
experience with several venders and knew enough to recommend one over
another, the pros and cons, etc...

I now realize that the search engine comment guy is not one of those
knowledgable folks.

Carry on.

If you've lurked here for awhile, you must have noticed that it's a fairly
tough room and most of the regulars brook no BS. Your initial question drew
a few "Google it" replies, and if I were you, I think I'd have replied,
"Yeah, I guess I should have done that," instead of your "smart-asses"
That's what's gotten you hauled over the coals.
Here's a suggestion for you. Try saying, "OK, I might have made a mistake.
Can we start over?"
Do something like that and you'll find most of these guys will fall all over
themselves trying to help you out. Keep up with the "smart-ass" remarks and
all you'll get is grief.
Jack Curry