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Default Commercial Smokers?

Kevin S. Wilson wrote:
On Wed, 29 Oct 2003 18:13:01 GMT, "Scott Purdie"

Thanks to all the smart-asses with the "search engines are amazing
things" comments.[]
I now realize that the search engine comment guy is not one of those
knowledgable folks.

So which is it? Is it "all the smart-asses" or one comment from one

He answered your question, btw. He then gently pointed out that you
could have FIRST done your own homework, then asked here if you didn't
find what you were looking for.

Speaking as one smart-ass to another (not necessarily in this context), I
would have to say that this is one of YOUR gentler replies, too. Hope
springs eternal!

Nick, Retired in the San Fernando Valley
"Giving violent criminals a government guarantee that their intended
victims are defenseless is bad public policy."
- John Ross, "Unintended Consequences"