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Thomas Mooney
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Default Commercial Smokers?

Scott Purdie wrote in message
Hello all. I've been a lurker for a while...

Anyway, I'm looking for different commercial grade smokers. I've

building one, but that just doesn't seem feasible. Going to all my

local bbq joints, there seem to be a variety of commercial smokers
available -- at least I'm assuming they're commercial units and not
high-tech homemade ones.

If you know of any companies that make smokers for restaurants, please




Back on June 22nd 2003, Dave Bugg posted a long message about a road trip he
had taken. Part of the road trip was to shop for commercial pits for the Q
joint he's going to open. In that message
( he mentions Southern Pride and Ole
Hickory as being the two best. Another poster gave you a link to Southern
Pride's site. Here's a link to Ole Hickory's:

Perhaps worth noting: Ole Hickory is the one that Dave settled on. That
endorsement should be worth something.


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