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Default 2005 Willi Schaefer Auslese Graacher Domprobst AP#10

On Sep 12, 10:13�am, "Anders T�rneskog"
"Bi!!" skrev i ...
I bought these in private sell from a guy who needed to liquidate his
cellar to get cash. �I paid $40/bottle

A steal... Price ex winery was 38.50EUR :-)
And yes, that was ranked as outstanding by wein-plus. �Drink till 2015+

:-) Anders

Asa stated I don't drink a lot of German wines and probably only have
a couple cases in my cellar of mostly JJ Prum. I couldn't pass up the
Schaefer and the price was what the seller was asking. He had to
liquidate quickly to pay a tax debt. I didn't know him personally
prior to purchasing the wine but a mutual freind put us in touch. He
had a ton of great stuff at bargain prices.