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Default The Sarah factor

No, it's not appropriate for Alaskans, especially men, to carp and
snivel about Gov Sarah as VP. I see some, like Lida Green, even
trying to rail at Sarah as a ridiculous choice for McCain's VP,
pretending their spiteful remarks are politically savvy. (I hope Lida
Green keeps her promise of leaving the senate due to Sarah's
popularity, but suspect she will now find some excuse for staying on
as Senate President.)

Sure, but how will this affect tea sales?

Which brings to mind a big question... aren't a lot of the big tea growing
regions in Georgia actually in the Abkhazian region? With the current
political crisis there, how is tea production being affected?

I have had a couple very nice teas from the area, and I think they deserve
more attention. They don't seem to have much of an export market.
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