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Victor Friedmann typed:
I would like a recipe for barbecued brisket that is as good as the juicy,
tasty brisket I had at the Salt Lick in Austin, TX. Anyone out there?



It's probably more of the cooking technique than any recipe.
I don't really want to duplicate anything that I've eaten from any
restuarant, because I know I can do better.

Rub the brisket with the dry rub of your choice. This past weekend, I used a
commercial rub for the first time. We attended a Q-fest where we all cooked
on ceramic smokers, and my nephew won a basket of "Dizzy Pig" rubs. ( We used the "Cow Lick" rub for the brisket that
I started cooking @ about 10 PM. Fat side *DOWN* towards the heat. Set the
Kamado to about 225 and let it do the hard work with a couple of chunks of
apple wood. At about 8:30 the next morning, when I drove up, people were
telling me that the brisket was tyhe best breakfast that they'd had in a long
time (thanks, RumRunner).
I checked the internal temps...199 in the flat. Time to remove it from the
171 in the point...let it continue.
I sliced the flat (sometimes across the grain, sometimes not quite across)
and left to go back to the cabin for other things for the day's cooking. I
got to taste one slice from the flat before I left. Good thing, too because
they had eaten the whole thing before I got back.
(That's what I like about Q-Fest/cook-ins...cook gets the first bite, but he
better be quick, because it's fair game after that)
The brisket was so juicy that when I cut the flat from the point, a stream of
juice poured out, killing half the fire.
Later, when the point reached 195, I removed it and sliced. It was
excellent, but not as juicy as the flat. Might have been because the juice
drained out, maybe because I stopped @ 195. I suspect a combination of both.

Like I said, though, cook low and slow, fat towards the fire, until the
internal temp reaches about 199. The particular rub isn't as important as
the technique. But the "Dizzy Pig" Cow Lick" was excellent. For those of
you that frequent other forums, that's Nature Boy's rub.