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Default Unexpected Kitchen Expense :(

"Goomba" wrote

Nancy Young wrote:

"Goomba" wrote

Damn. Hubby forgot to empty the drawer out in the old range before
they took it!! ALL my good baking sheets, 2 steamer baskets and jelly
roll pans gone!
I would have though thunk that the guy taking the stove home might
have realized we didn't mean for ALL of it to go?? sigh

Until I decided I wanted to bake something in my new kitchen,
I had no idea I'd left my baking sheets in the old oven. They wound up
wherever it is old appliances go when they die.

I lost something worse, a doorknocker that I paid a lot for, and
went out of my way to purchase. How could I forget to take it
off the old door when I had it replaced? (sigh)

You too?! LOL.. I'm glad it wasn't just us. Moving everything out of the
kitchen is a huge, HUGE undertaking, isn't it?

I looked for those suckers for a while, too ... there was so
much stuff I didn't notice they were missing. Then I remembered
where I stored them.

And until reading your last sentence, I was wondering why you'd store a
door knocker in the oven drawer....? LOL

(laughing) Sorry. I do that.

I bought another folding metal steam basket today while at the Px. $5.
I doubt the baking sheets will be that reasonably priced?

I found a couple at Tuesday Morning once for a good price. Just think,
you won't be redoing your kitchen again, what are the odds you'll lose
the next ones ... you'll have them a long time.