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Default Unexpected Kitchen Expense :(

The kitchen is coming along nicely, thanks

Except...While the electricians and gas line guy were here last week my
husband mentioned that we were disposing of the old range. He asked if
any of them needed a working gas range? Yeah, apparently one would take
it off our hands.
My fancy new range is now in and I went looking for my broiling pans and
other assorted baking sheets and pans that I stored in the bottom oven
drawer....I'm dying to get up and cooking again.

Uh oh....

Damn. Hubby forgot to empty the drawer out in the old range before they
took it!! ALL my good baking sheets, 2 steamer baskets and jelly roll
pans gone!
I would have though thunk that the guy taking the stove home might have
realized we didn't mean for ALL of it to go?? sigh