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Default Barbecue joints in Columbus, OH?

On Wed, 08 Oct 2003 17:18:00 GMT, "Bill Le May"

Heading up to see OSU play football in about 10 days. Any good barbecue
joints to try there?


I forwarded this to a friend of mine who lives in Columubus and is on
the eternal quest for the perfect bb-q. He's replied to Bill and
myself off the newsgroup, but I figured I'd post what he sent just in
case anybody else is headed that way.


Absolutely. Two highly recommended, one OK, two to avoid. You won't
mistake any of them for the real southern article, but you take what
you can get here in Cowtown. It's gotten good enough in the last
couple years where I don't feel like I have to travel to NC when I get
a real jones for the genuine article. No one does an eastern NC style
here yet, though.

Best: City Barbeque on Henderson Rd. at Dierker, about a mile east of
Sawmill Rd. This is in the northwest suburbs. From OSU area, Route 315
north to Henderson Road, west a couple of miles through the strip
malls. It'll be on the southwest corner of the intersection, on the
left. Two other locations, one unlocatable by out of towners, the
other at US40 at I-270 at Reynoldsburg. Four BBQ contest winners
decided to go commercial about three years ago, and they've upped the
ante for decent barbecue here. Good Ribs, better pulled pork. Even
banana pudding! Sauce is forgettable. Open until 10 on weekends.

Also recommend the Pig Iron BBQ on High St. (US23) a couple of blocks
north of Morse Rd., about a block north of Graceland Shopping Center
on the west side of the street. New this year but very, very good.
This is the closest to OSU. By far the best brisket in town, also very
good pulled pork. Both exceedingly tender. Their hot sauce is a fair
facsimile of a Lexington NC dip. Also open until 10.

OK: Barley's Smokehouse on Dublin Rd just north of Grandview Ave. in
Grandview. Better than average pulled pork. Ribs pretty good, but I
like their wings best of all. A little pricey.

Avoid Hoggy's. There are several of them scattered around town. Looks
like a real BBQ from the outside, but ... more of a theme restaurant,
really. The applewood smoke barely flavors the meat. Pretty expensive

Smoky Bones on Dublin Granville Rd. is pretty bad as well. It's a
Damon's clone. We've got those too, but they're way off the charts.

There's a small Texas-style bbq on the east side called Yoho's, no
better than fair (although it's more of what I think of as a bbq joint
than any other in town) Also JP's, on the near eastside. Only fair as

If you're up by Marysville, Pottsie's BBQ is not bad at all. Just ate
there tonight, as a matter of fact. It's at the Route 36 exit off 33,
west towards town, as you approach Marysville. Known for ribs, pulled
pork OK. The chicken is really good.



Phil Ross pwr(a) Columbus, OH