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Default Barbecue joints in Columbus, OH?

"Bill Le May" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
Heading up to see OSU play football in about 10 days. Any good barbecue
joints to try there?


By "heading up" I assume you're coming in from the south. If you are coming
from the south via US 23 there's a *great* place in South Bloomfield called
Stagecoach Barbecue - ribs, pulled pork, etc. really good... side dishes
are outstanding!
their website: , about 30 minutes south of

Also there's several Hoggy's, one in Grove City southwest of Columbus, one
on W Fifth not too far from the stadium, check them out at

Hoggy's is a little more "upscale" but I recommend Stagecoach if it's not
too far out of your way.

John Chancey
Circleville --- Go Bucks!