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Default Q in Lubbock TX

"marcq" wrote in message
Hi Everyone,

Been a fan of the group for years. Having been out of work for a year
now have
an awesome job with great pay and the awesome benifit of being able to
travel all over these 50 states. My first assignment will bring me to
Lubbock TX next week. Please post any Q'Joints for fine vittles.
Will post my reviews and opinions as they develop. Thanks in advance
for all the help.



I live in Lubbock and can vouch that there is not very good Q in Lubbock. I
will give you a run down of places that were mentioned by Monroe and Jack
and a few of my favorites.

County Line is very inconsistent with their food. Very good atmosphere and
live music. A guy named Bo Garza plays on the weekends and he is great.

Cagles Steakhouse on west 4th Street serves some of the best steak you can
find. They only serve ribeyes BTW. The steaks are all cut to order. A
must stop.

Like Monroe said Choochai's is very good. If you like Chinese food then you
must go to Gilbert's. Gilbert only serves Chinese on Saturday and you have
to call ahead to make reservations. Another must stop.

If you are a Mexican food fan there are three you need to go.
1. Lujans (Stacey's Plate is highly recommended)
2. Durango's (Owned by one of the original owners of Taco Pueblo and in
a much nicer part of town.)
3. Pedro's (You can't beat tamales fresh out of the steamer)

For Italian food, a must stop is Orlando's. It is Italian food with a
tex-mex spin. Another must stop.

I don't know how long you will be in Lubbock but if you need more
suggestions I will be more than happy to oblige.

bonedaddy (Red Raider 01)- GO TECH BEAT THE AGGIES!!!

BTW if you are going to be here this weekend make sure to go to the Tech
game. There will be plenty of tailgating going on.