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Default Smoking Venison

In article [email protected], "Matt & Terri"

Greetings all.

Now that the "Redneck Ramadan" has started (deer season), I have several
guys at the fire station asking me to smoke deer hams for them. Since I've
never smoked venison before, I thought I'd ask the experts for advice.

I am planning to smoke this on my brand new WSM! It was my present for
letting my Bride of 14 years buy a new house. I know it seems a bit uneven,
but what the heck. I get to live there also.

Anyway, I have checked the FAQ's and found that it did not get a good
review. I have a couple of good rubs in mind. One question I do have is
should I brine the meat beforehand?

One of the guys at another station used to lay strips of bacon on his deer
hams before smoking. I seemed to keep the meat moist. Since he retired, I no
longer have access to his method.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Ham is for sausage. You can smoke it after you stuff it and that's the
best way.
I tried a bambi ham cooked like a pork butt (mojo criollo marinade and
injections) Twas good but a tad dry.
You'll have better luck roasting at a high temp for a short time. Try
about 350-400F. Go ahead and use some hickory for smoke but don't go
Venison needs pork fat and there is no better way to accomplish that
than to grindgrindgrind.
Or there's always jerky.....

monroe(redneck ramadan LOL)