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Default Opinions on Bradley Smoker

Jason wrote:

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine is considering getting a Bradley Smoker. Does anyone
on here use one? You can visit their website by adding a dot com to
the end of the joined words. It runs about $400 or so, not counting
their "bisquette" fuel blocks.

Their proprietary "bisquit" fuel runs about 50 cents per hour to run.
Using your smoker 20 hours per week means it costs $10 per week, or
$520 per year to run. Forever. No thanks.

Personally, I can't see not spending an extra $150 or so and getting a
Kamado #5 since that's a much more versatile item and doesn't use
proprietary fuel, but I don't want to influence the judges.

Get the K.

Reg email: RegForte (at) (that free MS email service) (dot) com