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Monroe, of course...
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Default Q in Lubbock TX

In article , "Jack Sloan"

"Monroe, of course..." wrote in message
In article , "Jack Sloan"

Any data I have on Lubbock is way outta data.

You can still get a Hidy-burger there!

monroe(with a cherry lime)

Is the White Pig at College and 4th still there?

White Pig and CharKing went out in the late 70s. For a while it was a
Der Weinerschnitzel and then a BBQ burrito joint which was wonderful.At
4th and Univ is now a Burger King. Sad. But Tommy's burgers, Pete's
burgers and of course the 3rd incarnation of the Hi-D-Ho are still
rockin on strong. Some outfit called Jumbo Jim's bought out Andrews,
Daves Husky burger and several others.
The best meat in Lubbock is ground

monroe(could use some Tommy's Onion Rings about now)