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Default Work, the curse of the drinking class ... redux

Kevin S. Wilson wrote:

If I ever have the good fortune of meeting you in person, I intend
to let you know full well how I feel about your ****y attitude.

Ah, threats of violence. The last resort of the illiterate, the
impotent, and the ignorant. You're quite predictable, you know.

I may be predictable, and I'm certainly ignorant of certain things, but I
*can* read and write and maintain a raging hard on. (Not necessarily at the
same time)

I can outcook you and out**** you, but I can't out-debate you. You've made
a carreer of that, and you're the winner in that arena uncontested. That's
why I'd resort to splattering your nose all over your face.
Doesn't make me the winner, but it does carry a certain degree of