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Default Charbroil/NB Quickset smoker atrosity...the future of mass produced smokers?

(Rob) wrote in message . com...
I just saw this at a local Wal-Mart and had to tell you guys about it.
They call it the New Branfels "Quickset" Smoker... man, this thing is
UGLY and a waste of everyone's time & materials!

Imagine a Charbroil grill like this:

With a firebox attached to the left. I wouldn't give it second
So far I can't find a picture of this atrocity anywhere on the net.

Do you think a mfr. would ever use AFB as a focus group? Really stupid
not to do so!

A fool and his $$$ are soon's hoping they don't do it
with this POS!

Q' fer all so long as it's not parboiled ribs

What I meant to say previously is that Charbroil now has a "Quickset
Smoker" and it LOOKS like the gas grill previously mentioned except it
has a "fire box" hanging off the left side. I could not find an exact
image hence the reference.
I'm not marketing for any company as my posting history will prove.

Q' fer all so long as it's not parboiled ribs