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Big Jim
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Default Work, the curse of the drinking class ... redux

"The Fat Man®" wrote in message
Kevin S. Wilson wrote:
On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 09:55:58 -0500, "Jack Sloan"

Where's the *real* Wranglers made? The genuine sandpaper denim
version the cowboys wear, not the sissy stuff they sell at WM for
$14.97 a pair.


Mine say "made in USA"
Jack( Who wouldn't wear a FREE pair of Levis since they decided not
to support the Boy Scouts 'cause the scouts wouldn't support the ***

Couldn't find some way to weave gun control into the thread, huh?

Kevin, you are the penultimate whiny little bitch.

If I ever have the good fortune of meeting you in person, I intend to let
you know full well how I feel about your ****y attitude.

Maybe we can take up a collection here on the group for a bus ticket to
Idaho for Moi.

Is anyone interested in funding Kevin's education?


Here's my last $5.00, I will send more next week when I get the store open.

Big Jim