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Roger Hinson
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Default Charbroil/NB Quickset smoker atrosity...the future of mass produced smokers?

"BigJolly" wrote:

"Rob" wrote in message
. com...
I just saw this at a local Wal-Mart and had to tell you guys about it.
They call it the New Branfels "Quickset" Smoker... man, this thing is
UGLY and a waste of everyone's time & materials!

Imagine a Charbroil grill like this:

With a firebox attached to the left. I wouldn't give it second
So far I can't find a picture of this atrocity anywhere on the net.

Do you think a mfr. would ever use AFB as a focus group? Really stupid
not to do so!

A fool and his $$$ are soon's hoping they don't do it
with this POS!

Q' fer all so long as it's not parboiled ribs

Cute. This is a link to a gas grill. Some marketers will try anything....

If you click smokers on the side bar, it has a picture of the smoker
he's talking about.