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Default Charbroil/NB Quickset smoker atrosity...the future of mass produced smokers?

BigJolly wrote:
"Rob" wrote in message
I just saw this at a local Wal-Mart and had to tell you guys about
it. They call it the New Branfels "Quickset" Smoker... man, this
thing is UGLY and a waste of everyone's time & materials!

Imagine a Charbroil grill like this:

With a firebox attached to the left. I wouldn't give it second

Yep, it is amazing how bad the designs from "reputable" manufacturers can
be. My parents, god bless 'em, trust that the makers know their stuff. Last
two charcoal grills my pa bought were abominations (no, not the same ones
each time) . He likes the large charcoal grills with an adjustable firebox,
no Weber for him, it doesnt have any adjustments.
So, he buys one where the firegrill hangs from the one piece grate by your
normal swivel hangers.
Just imagine lighting this.
Remove grill to add coals, oops, the hangers fell inwards (of course they
do). OK, so you go through some gyrations so that at least one hanger stays
in an upright position and you hook a wire around the end of the other and
rig it so it strays up too.
Right, now the fires lit and spread out, ready to add the grill now, right?
Oops, the grill can only be inserted with a sliding motion from front to
back, you see, it's got this little lip "keeper" in the back, just to make
sure you dont accidently lift the grate or something.
So you try to keep the hangers from falling into the lit coals while
inserting the grate into the little slot in the back of the box, just like
they designed it to. Well, it may take a time or two, but,
Ah, now your cooking, hope you dont want to add any coals or wood lumps to
the fire though.

I wrote them *******s a real nice letter. I did, knowing if I wrote what I
wanted to it would be dismissed as rantings. Woulda felt lots better though.