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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

On Aug 11, 4:46 pm, wrote:
On Aug 11, 5:58 am, Space Cowboy wrote:

PS On my last office visit the Doc said to be sure to drink a lot of
water to flush the kidneys with the new medication. I told her how
much tea I drank and she literally started to stammer saying something
about the chemical makeup of vegetable proteins.

So how much tea do you consume? Everything has negatives. Tea is
prolly better for you overall than 90% of other beverages. The traces
of junk in tea is likely very trivial; however over consumption of the
cleanest water on earth is bad for you.

I'd say it's probably not best to feed the trolls... but sometimes
it's just hard to pass up the opportunity to poke one with a pointy
stick a couple times. Don't feed them past midnight or get them wet

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