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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

I wouldnt. Epidemiologically the countries that do drink tea and do
better in whatever health category you care to associate also are more
active than us and consume less junk food. The only thing we do
better is tap water. As I always say if drinking tea keeps me alive
another day longer it didnt cost me anything extra. All I know is if
you drink enough tea all at once youll drown.


PS On my last office visit the Doc said to be sure to drink a lot of
water to flush the kidneys with the new medication. I told her how
much tea I drank and she literally started to stammer saying something
about the chemical makeup of vegetable proteins. I could tell she was
caught off guard. I imagine she immediately got on the phone to the
pharmaceutical company and heard them stammer.

....always boil water...
I drink tea daily for the health benefits. I've read a lot of negative
things about tea.

....for drinking tea...