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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

On Aug 10, 5:08*pm, wrote:

And filter your home air!... The moisture in the towel traps the most minute
particles that expensive filters miss.

Why? What is the benefit you're trying to achieve?
Cancer? ... Lung cancer has cigarette smoking as the cause of 90%

23,500 breaths we inhale each day!

you mean 14400-20160 ... lets just say 17280 for simplicity. You
obviously breathe more than normal adults. The theophylline sure is
doing a number on you... better check those levels before you

You'd be surprised how much air can be made from so little water.
BTW this is how the earth got its air: water flowed onto lava. = tea =/= (does not equal to) humidifiers, air
purifiers or lava.