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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

On Aug 10, 12:57*pm, "chance" wrote:
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I drink tea daily for the health benefits. I've read a lot of negative
things about tea.

Would you please tell me about it, directing me
to references or any literautre on the web,
for instance?

There's a lot, I don't know where, but don't worry. One thread/site
said some ingredient in tea causes cancer. No worry, because billions
drink tea and prolly 50% of the heaviest tea drinkers who live a long
life didn't die of cancer. Also, you can bet EVERY thing we eat or
drink has at least one adverse health aspect to it. (For every
advantage, there's disadvantages). Even the sun which supports all
life and is healthy especially the natural vitamin D, has some harmful
aspects to it including skin cancer. Yes some foods are unhealthier
than others. Tea ain't one. Eat, sip and be merry. Continue sipping
and enjoying the sun. 8)

Just make sure your water is clean - that's the big issue and one that
can be dealt with fairly easily and inexpensively.