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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

On Aug 8, 5:06 pm, wrote:
I saw a UV light, SteriPENN, that fits in a pocket and will kill even
viruses. It's at

Problem is, though, the water has to be clear or any particulates,
such as tea, will cause "shadowing" that prevents the UV from working.


I mentioned this device in my reply, however as I briefly stated above
I would never actually trust this in real life as a well seasoned
hiker/backpacker/camper. This reply is not so much directed to you,
but just in general since I didn't expand too much on my distrust of
UV sterilization.

There is no way to tell if it has "worked." There is no way to tell if
it is in proper working condition (batteries of sufficient charge,
malfunction, any sort of failure). It is dependent on power, which is
not always available... even with a gimmicky solar case. A cloudy day
or night or dense cover or about a million other problems could arise
to render it useless like a cracked panel from oh, say just the kind
of traumatic experience that would lead one to truly need to rely on
it. No filtration at all. I truly could go on forever but I'll cut it
short here. Please read the customer reviews from that REI link as
well as elsewhere on the 'net if you are even considering a UV

I truly depend on my gear and it can mean the difference between life
and death. Too often I see people fall for the latest gimmick or
flashy product and get stuck in some very bad situations. Sure, here
it may just mean a bad cup of tea but I figured I'd at least offer my
3 cents (the dollar is finally mounting a comeback).

- Dominic

PS FWIW I use a Katadyn Hiker Pro with Aqua Mira tablets as my backup
in almost all occasions. A bandana is my backup filter before