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Default Tap Water VS Bottled Water

On Aug 8, 3:40 pm, wrote:
What's the cleanest (from the harmful crap like bacteria/lead/etc)
bottled water anyone? Bay area tap water has high counts of bacteria &
floride. And is it true a simple UV light will kill 99.9% of bacteria
in a gallon of water? TIA.

I would highly doubt you have "high counts" of bacteria in your tap
water as it is treated for just this reason. Fluoride, yes, bacteria,
most likely not. The "cleanest" bottled water is distilled, but that
is not necessarily the best for tea.

Almost all bottled water comes from those very same taps you find
troublesome just around the country. They filter the water and bottle
it. You can do the very same.

I am a hiker and deal with water purification in the field at times, I
prefer either boiling or a chemical (bleach/Aquasafe tablets) to UV
methods like a Steripen. Many use the UV methods but it is not
something I put any trust in.

- Dominic