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Default Mesquite flour starter

Has anyone started a wild yeast starter using mesquite flour? I'm
giving it a shot for the heck of it. I'm adding about a cup of all
purpose flour to a few tablespoons of mesquite flour because I don't
think the mesquite flour has much in the way of sugar and starch. I
assume that mesquite pods must have some yeast on them, so would that
be the type of yeast that will also work for bread? And if so, will
it affect the taste at all?

I don't know why some people "here" are mostly yeast oriented?

It's half the story - actually less than that under some perspectives.

And - if you mix a cup of flour and a few TB's together, what do you
think the ratios of critters is?
Even by assuming the same germ count/gram on both, what do you think
will prevail?

Chances are that the mesquite flour may be less "fertile" - thinking on
that environment - desert and very dry.

As for sugar and starches in mesquite flour - look at the bottom of this

- it's sweet.

and the

plenty of sugar and "carbohydrates" - probably starches if sugars are
listed separately.

So - if you want to play with SD from mesquite flour - take it pure, get
it going until it's sour and then port it over to wheat flour.

If something sour grows from it before going putrid.


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