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Default TN: Fritz Rockpile Vyd, Cabernet Sauvignon '99

With Mesquite grilled NY strips, snow peas and roasted youkon gold
potatoes. Obtained as a gift and properly stored. 14% alcohol per the

On opening, intense aroma of raspberries and blackberries, flavor
difficult to determine behind acid and tannins to dry the mouth, but
high hopes for a little later. The color was "gold pink" in stained
glass parlance - the color gold chloride gives to glass, a blued rose,
with some clearing at the edges but no ambering. No sign of the
mintiness they claim is typical for the vinyard.

3 hours after decanting, the nose had calmed down to pleasant
brambleberries, and the acid and tannins had tempered, but still
strong. The flavor had changed to chocolate covered cherries, but it
was not very long.

All in all, very youthful, pleasant with the food, and I wish I had
more to follow the development.