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Default 10950 West Road Redwood Valley CA 95470 is NOT FOR SALE--FraudAlert

Subject: 10950 West Road Redwood Valley Callifornia 95470 NOT FOR
SALE--Fraud Alert
Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 8:46 PM

Gabrielli Winery and all its possesions, assets and land and buildings

MR. Takahashi of WACOM corporation is ccmmitting Fraud in contracting
any agent or realty company to sell these above.

MR.Takahashi has no claim or interest whatsoever nor does WACOM
corporation and anyone who helps in any way whatsoever will be liable
civilly and criminally.

and will be prosecuted and sued fully.

this is a formal notice.

tax guys, take heed, Mr.Takahashi may have pocketed money he made
illegally sellingof inventory and machinery for under the asking price
(takahashi's and accepting the difference in cash so as to hide it
form his employers.

WACOM of graphic tablet fame might not be fully aware of Takahashi's
evil deeds.

as there was a change and fragmentation of management in WACOM and the
founder has died and thus the compan might be inserious disarray,
which does not excuse or lessen teh iabilit of the tribe of WACOM.

Thusly, this is a formal notice to any and all that have, did will,
or might have anything whatsoever to do with these transactions or
attempts at such.