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Default Freezer bags or containers or vacuum pack?

On Jul 25, 5:05*pm, wrote:
Tamzen Cannoy wrote:
for non crushable foods like meat, etc the vacuum pack is the way to go.
No freezer burn. for fragile things like berries, freeze them first on a
single layer on a cookie sheet and then vacuum seal them after they are
solid. Food will last a LOT longer if you vacuum seal it. Things like
soups and stews, though you can simply put in a freezer bag and
eliminate all the air before sealing.

I'm already buying frozen food.... including berries...
my question is more abt busting big packs up into
smaller ones

Before you go whole-hog on a vacuum sealer (countertop type), buy a
$10 Reynolds Handi-Vac and some bags, and use those for a while. I
think they're great (I'm a single) and I don't have to worry about
counter space or cupboard space to store a regular sealer (and all the
supplies that go along with it).