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Wilson Woods
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JethroUK© wrote:

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the semi-literate JethroUK© scrawled:

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JethroUK© wrote:

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JethroUK© wrote:

for whom or what might it be "better"/"more moral"
if animals come into existence?

It would be better for:

1/ That particular animal

NO. "That particular animal" didn't exist prior to
existing, so coming into existence CANNOT "benefit" it.

it's not 'comming into existance' (as per a twinkle in it's mothers

eye - as

per the article you are trying to regurgite, but totally MIS-read) - it
already exists!

No, DUMMY. The question is, for whom or what is it
better for an animal to come into existence? Can't you

The answer CANNOT be for the animal itself. In order
for something to be "better" for some entity, the
entity must ALREADY exist. "Coming into existence",
THEREFORE, cannot be "better" for an animal.

yes it can!

No, it can't! I've just explained why it can't be!
You don't get it!

- 'better' is a relative term - thus only needs a perspective -
from the point of view of the [live] animal itsself (it's perspective) -


is better to be alive than not

No. That's impossible. You cannot compare existence
to non-existence:

yes you can, but only if you exist - the existance define the perspective -
if you can consider yourself better off dead than alive - you can equally
consider yourself better off alive than dead

No. That's the whole issue. When you exist, you can
think that your existence is so awful, you don't want
to continue it. You won't *really* be "better off"
dead than alive, because you won't BE.

However, prior to existence you have no perspective at
all; there is no 'you'. Thus, it is plainly absurd to
say that 'you' are "better off" - have an improved
well-being - for coming into existence, as prior to
existing, 'you' didn't HAVE any well-being to improve.

No animal, human or non-human, is "better off" merely
for coming into existence. It's absurd and impossible.

I'm growing tired of trifling with you. You're
incompetent to discuss philosophy, and I don't like
wasting time with semi-literate cretins. Learn to
spell, learn to capitalize, learn proper punctuation,
and learn *something* about metaphysics. Right now,
you're just a buffoon.