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Default If we breed more cattle - I can get a cheaper steak

"Wilson Woods" wrote in message
JethroUK© wrote:

for whom or what might it be "better"/"more moral"
if animals come into existence?

It would be better for:

1/ That particular animal

NO. "That particular animal" didn't exist prior to
existing, so coming into existence CANNOT "benefit" it.

it's not 'comming into existance' (as per a twinkle in it's mothers eye - as
per the article you are trying to regurgite, but totally MIS-read) - it
already exists!

typically - you see what you want to see - dont read into an article what
isn't there, just because it suits you

2/ Animal Kind

No such thing.

you need to get out more - of course there is

3/ My sandwich

No one cares.

i do - i need a balanced diet - i am an omnivore (which means i need meat),
and i have the teeth to prove it

4/ World as a whole


Ceratinly Yes!

Bad answers, as I expected, and as you knew you would

what answers would you like - or more correctly - what answers would you
feel comfortable attacking - i'll provide them