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Default Freezer bags or containers or vacuum pack?

In article , Tamzen Cannoy wrote:
In article , wrote:
I'm going to buy my first ever freezer real soon. Have
never done this in bulk before

I will be breaking up large quantities of berries,
food, etc into smaller batches for freezing.

Should I use freezer bags, freezer containers, or one
of those vacuum packing deals?

for non crushable foods like meat, etc the vacuum pack is the way to go.
No freezer burn. for fragile things like berries, freeze them first on a
single layer on a cookie sheet and then vacuum seal them after they are
solid. Food will last a LOT longer if you vacuum seal it. Things like
soups and stews, though you can simply put in a freezer bag and
eliminate all the air before sealing.

Some years ago a friend had regular access to bulk supplies of
*excellent* prawns. They had to be bought in 10 kg lots, so he "got
smart" and bought one of those vacuum sealing machines so he could
make up packets of a more usable size to be frozen.

You're quite right with what you're thinking at this point...
It was actually a bloody *dumb* idea. You can't vacuum pack prawns in
plastic bags!

But the happy ending is that the family now use it when breaking down
a whole rump for freezing in convenient serving sizes, so they're
finally pleased with the purchase!

Cheers, Phred.