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Default World's most expensive ($200) Burger King burger

"Chef Adrien" wrote in message
On Jul 22, 10:12 am, Sqwertz wrote:
Corey Richardson wrote:
Setting a new record, the world's most expensive burger is available at
just one restaurant in West London, England, once a week — but it will
eventually be available to order via a hotline.

You're like a little 16-year old who just discovered newsgroups.
This has already made the rounds of all the newsgroups weeks ago. Get
with it, dumbass.


No need to be rude, Sqwertz. He obviously found it interesting enough
to share with the group. If you found it of little use, then move
along to some other topic instead of hiding behind the bushes and
calling him names.

That reminds me of a story from my misguided youth.

When I was in elementary school (3rd or 4th grade) my cohorts and I would
hide in the bushes at the front of the school during recess and harass and
heckle adults going into the main school entrance. The playground was in
the back of the school and we were verboten to be out front. Obviously,
that's why we were there.

IIRC our hiding place was about 50-75 yards away from the front door.

I saw one particularly obese woman walking in one day and yelled at the top
of my young lungs, "Hey FAT-ASS!"

She turned and looked in the direction of my voice. I looked at my buddy in
horror and said, "Holy shit dude, that's my Grandma!"

After she went into the school I beat a path back to the playground. 2
minutes later I was called into the principal's office.

Turns out she was there to bring me something I needed. I have no idea what
it was as I was so stricken with fear that she knew it was me.

Moral: Hiding behind bushes and calling names isn't always a good tactic.