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Default How long does flour last?

On Sat 19 Jul 2008 05:21:34p, Gloria P told us...

Andy wrote:
How long does flour last?

Got two unopened sacks of Bob's Red Mill semolina flour, two years old

Looks good, feels good.

Flour can get buggy (you'd see those) or rancid (you'd smell or taste
the rancidity.) Otherwise I can't think of what would affect it.

I keep mine in the freezer and I don't worry about how old it is.
Never had a problem.

gloria p

I keep all my grains and various flours (except bleached all-purpose flour)
in the freezer, as well. The AP flour is fairly resistant to rancidity,
although it can get buggy if not in a well sealed container.

I do think that semolina might risk turning rancid with age, heat,
humidity, etc.

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