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Default Top 24 health benefits of tea

No journal references for these, folks, but I hope you enjoy them
anyway. I can certainly attest to #26. #23 is irrelevant to me since
I'm tenured.


1. It purifies the blood
2. Expels heavy dreams
3. Relieves the mind of dark thoughts
4. Relieves and heals vertigo and headaches
5. Treats dropsy
6. Is an excellent remedy for catarrh
7. Dries off humidity
8. Cures constipation
9. Clears the sight
10. Protects from bad humours and liver disorders
11. Is a good remedy for all bladder trouble
12. Alleviates spleen maladies
13. Vanquishes drowsiness
14. Vanquishes dullness
15. Renders active and energetic
16. Renders courageous
17. Eliminates fear
18. Dissipates pain caused by colic
19. Is a good remedy for menstrual pains
20. Strengthens all internal parts
21. Sharpens the mind
22. Reinforces the memory
23. Reinforces intelligence
24. Purges bile
25. Reinforces sexual energy
26. Relieves thirst
Dr. Cornelis Bontekoe, "Tractaat van het excellenste kruyd thee, 2nd
ed.", 's-Gravenhage, Pieter hagen, 1678. (translator unknown)