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Default Going to Tokyo - where should I visit?

"TokyoB" > wrote in message
On Jul 5, 10:16 pm, "DPM" > wrote:
> I'm going to Tokyo to visit my son in a few weeks. Does anyone have any
> recommendations for both tea houses (to drink tea) and tea shops (to buy
> tea)?
> Thanks,
> Dean

I lived in Tokyo for 5 years and believe it or not the only teahouse
(a place where one can drink tea, not just purchase it) I ran across
sold only Chinese teas - which are very in now. If you want high
quality Japanese tea you can buy it in a high end Japanese department
store. The basement level of these department stores sell all kinds of
food and are well worth a visit just to see and sample some food. I
would always take visitors there and they loved it. Usually there are
one or two tea vendors there and they may have samples. Be warned that
they will only speak Japanese and most likely everything will be
written in Japanese so if you have the interest it would be good to
learn the characters for sencha, gyokuro, shincha, etc. Also sometimes
prices are posted using the Japanese (originally from Chinese) number
system - also worth learning. I did recently acquire a book in
Japanese (which I can't easily read) which has a list of teashops in
it. I will see if I can make sense of it for you.

Also there is a branch of a Hong Kong tea shop (Ying Kee) in Roppong

There used to be a good Chinese teashop near the subway station in

Any main shopping area is likely to have a teashop or two. You can ask
the concierge at a large hotel - like the Okura, or Grand Hyatt at
Roppongi Hills.

What area does your son live in?

He's currently staying in Ikebukuro, but our hotel is near Ueno.

Thanks for the advice. His Japanese is certainly better than ours, so I'll
ask him to accompany us when we go shopping.