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Default Going to Tokyo - where should I visit?


I tried sending you a private message yesterday about this, but I
guess it didn't get through.

Does your son speak Japanese? Does he have Japanese friends who will
be helping out?

TokyoB suggested department stores. In particular, I would suggest
Takashimaya *in* *Shinjuku*. During daytime hours, they have multi-
lingual interns at the service desk who can help out. Easiest way to
find one of those people? Probably just go up to ANY clerk and speak
English-- they'll probably smile, make motions for you to wait (or
choke out the phrase "please wait")-- and call the service desk for
reinforcements This store *doesn't* have a particularly large
selection of Japanese teas, but it has some very nice teas just the
same, and the language help could facilitate things.

If you have more specific things you are interested in, please drop me
a private note (holland AT

james-henry holland

On Jul 5, 10:16*pm, "DPM" > wrote:
> I'm going to Tokyo to visit my son in a few weeks. *Does anyone have any
> recommendations for both tea houses (to drink tea) and tea shops (to buy
> tea)?
> Thanks,
> Dean