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Default 5 star Upton teas

On Jul 6, 10:17 am, toci > wrote:
> On Jul 6, 4:08 am, "Bonky" > wrote:
> > fine, and while I have a little place close to my home where I like to get
> > my tea, I do get samples at Uptons.

> > And to say that out of their entire catalog of a zillion different estates
> > and types of tea they have no 5 star teas just seems unlikely to me.

> > They might not have your favorite tea, but they routinely have very high
> > quality teas IMHO.

> As far as I'm concerned, Upton is pretty much my tea world. Dominic
> and others have a wider world that I recognize. I'm grateful for the
> comment that their Japanese greens aren't as good as others; I was
> beginning to suspect that, but hadn't quite solidified it in my own
> experience. Toci

It's all subjective, and I still highly recommend that folks work
their way through their own tea journey at their own pace. I did. I
spent probably 6-7 *years* drinking the Sunflower brand jasmine green
tea in the little yellow tins, and for the first 2 years or so it was
a 5 star tea to me. I've thought many time that I had tasted the
pinnacle of a particular tea for sure, only to find an even better one
or to find a whole new world of better ones waiting. The Internet and
groups like this accelerate the journey, sometimes that is a good
thing, sometimes not. Go at your own pace, there's no finish line and
no losers.

I've been in ruts (some good some bad), I've used hundreds of vendors
and shops over time, I still have guilty pleasures of very low-end
tea. There's nothing wrong with it, and a 5 star tea can be whatever
you are drinking and really enjoying at the time. I apologize if my
post came off as tea snobbish, it really wasn't meant to, just that
for the money I have found a lot of better tea than Upton's carries
and to never be too complacent in a particular tea or vendor or else
you might miss out on other teas. My ruts and stops along the way have
never been wasted, just learning experiences and many help me to
better appreciate a truly good tea now.

- Dominic