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Default 5 star Upton teas

On Jul 6, 4:08*am, "Bonky" > wrote:
> fine, and while I have a little place close to my home where I like to get
> my tea, I do get samples at Uptons.
> And to say that out of their entire catalog of a zillion different estates
> and types of tea they have no 5 star teas just seems unlikely to me.
> They might not have your favorite tea, but they routinely have very high
> quality teas IMHO.

As far as I'm concerned, Upton is pretty much my tea world. Dominic
and others have a wider world that I recognize. I'm grateful for the
comment that their Japanese greens aren't as good as others; I was
beginning to suspect that, but hadn't quite solidified it in my own
experience. Toci