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Default My last three days

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Nick, although I'm new to this, I find my 2 hour readings are where my
spikes really show up. I noticed your Thur and Friday readings were at
hour, whereas your Saturday reading (which was much higher) was at two

None of my business, but based on my own personal experience thus far,
the two hour number that matters most.

Does everyone in the group tend to agree??? I'm very new to this, so I
be wrong, but that is definitely what I find in my own testing.


No, not everyone does agree. My peaks are at one hour,
others are at 90 minutes, others are at two hours. We each
have to find our own peaks. Further, you will find that the
better your control the earlier your peak, at least that's
been the anecdotal experience that I've read over the past
six years.

From my reading of posts here and on mhd and, three
Yahoo groups, dlife and the ADA forum the vast majority of
type 2's not on insulin, once they reach reasonable control,
appear to peak at 60-90 minutes after a typical mixed meal.
Usually closer to 60. People on insulin seem to peak later,
often closer to two hours; as do many newbies in poor

How many times have you done a "peak-finding" series after
each of your three main meals of breakfast lunch and dinner?
By that I mean a series of tests at 20-30 minute intervals
after finishing the meal, compassing the period from 30-120
minutes (or longer if numbers are still high at 120).

Read this for a longer discussion on this:

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
d&e, metformin 1500mg, ezetrol 10mg
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Actually (as I'm sure you know) I just started consistent regular testing
(rather than 3-4 times a day previously) the last 5 days. But I think
your statement "People on insulin seem to peak later,
often closer to two hours; as do many newbies in poor
control." certainly DOES apply to me. I'm just now getting my numbers
within target range, and I'm a complete newbie, so thanks to everyone
for their patience.

At this point, all I can say is, in my case, EVERY time I've done 60 and
120 minutes tests, my peak has been at 120, but hopefully within time
I'll find an experience similar to the results all of you indicate - else
I just have a "slow" system, which perhaps could account for part of my
weight issue as I TRULY have never been a "big" eater compared to
everyone around me.


If it doesn't clear up within a reasonable time, you may want to ask your
doctor to arrange a test for thyroid problems, which can affect how much
you weigh while eating a reasonable amount.

I do have a thyroid problem, and take synthroid every day.