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Default My last three days

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BG before dinner 59
Liverwurst & 2 eggs on buttered dark rye.
One hour PP BG 79

BG before dinner 74
1/4 cup pinhead oats, liverwurst, Linburger, horseradish, 2 eggs
One hour PP BG 98

BG before dinner 89
1/2 low carb bagel, cream cheese, smoked salmon, onion & tomato
Two hour PP BG 129

Nick. Support severely wounded and disabled Veterans and their
families! I've known US vets who served as far back as the Spanish
American War. They are all my heroes! Thank a Veteran and
Support Our Troops. You are not forgotten. Thanks ! !
~Semper Fi~

Nick, although I'm new to this, I find my 2 hour readings are where my
spikes really show up. I noticed your Thur and Friday readings were
at ONE hour, whereas your Saturday reading (which was much higher)
was at two hours.

None of my business, but based on my own personal experience thus
far, it's the two hour number that matters most.

Does everyone in the group tend to agree??? I'm very new to this, so
I could be wrong, but that is definitely what I find in my own

No, some of my spikes are at 15 minutes, depending on the type of food
and composition of the whole meal. A delayed spike (2 hours) may mean
you have a lot of fat with your carbs or perhaps some gastroparesis.
What drugs/insulin do you take, if any? Traditionally, doctors have
advised to test at 2 hours to see if your bg's are back within normal
range. If you are spiking at 2 hours then you are not back in range and
you may need to finetune your meals more. I have found that any spiking
is well and truly over by the one hour mark for me.


I take 2x500 Metformin and 35 units of Novolin (at bedtime). I think
perhaps I must be one that digests slowly as My spikes consistently occur
at 2 hours, and NEVER spike before that. I've been doing a LOT of
testing lately, and that's the case regardless of what I've eaten.


Are you also testing after that, to make sure the spike isn't even later?
Some foods, such as pizza, tend to digest slower than most other foods,
and for these, peaks at 3 or 4 hours are common.

No, honestly I've never tested beyond two hours, except I often eat again at
4 hours, and usually test before the next meal. I can't think of any time
recently where I've found my numbers were higher, although I've had many
cases where they stayed at an elevated level.

Again, my experience has been brief, so I can't say this is will always be
the case, but it seems that if my bg levels get elevated, they tend to stay
elevated (beyond the morning level) for the duration of the day UNLESS I