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Default 5 star Upton teas

Occasionally the owner will get in some hard to find tea he'd like to
try personally then put up for sale. If it doesnt sell he unloads
which is the case most of the time. A couple of years ago he got some
yellow tea which the seller couldnt tell him more about. I didnt
know. After checking my chinese tea book with the little I had left,
Danny was right it was Guang Dong DaYeQing. He sold some tea he
called green monkey, but it matches the wirey BLC not the kernel
kind. I can see the snail in the kernel type with that tiny little
head and shell. One day I'm looking at the desired wirey type then it
struck me, it is the green/white slime track the snail leaves. I dont
think the keke is anything to get excited about. It is pretty dry
large twisted leaf. Once again there is the faint fish ordor similar
to the DaYeQing but doesnt carry over in the taste which tends toward
the bitter. There is no complexity in the taste. I dont analyze tea
taste I just drink it.


PS Okay if the chlorophyll doesnt break down, the thylakoid does.
The hot selling product is sunscreen made from tea where the
chlorophyll/thylakoid provides the protection.

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> > > > My local tea shoppe unloaded some yellow tea called KoKo which is
> > > > Chinese for Cocoa just based on the pinyin. No characters
> > > > available.
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> > > That would be kekecha, I think.

> >
> > You're right.

> Hey, that place really *is* above average! So how did you like that
> tea?
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