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Default Chinese/Japanese way of eating soup?

Slint Flig;1350484 Wrote:
> Hi, I have a friend who says that in China/Japan the appropriate way to
> eat/drink soup (eg, miso soup) is to take the bowl in one hand, tip it
> and drink from it while simultaneously using the chopsticks in your
> right hand to sort of.. shovel.. the chunkier bits into your mouth.

What you see in common society in Asia and well-mannered society is
different -- just the same as it is different in Western countries. In
either area of the world, you will see people who shovel food into their
mouths. You won't see that being done among well-mannered people in any
kind of refined setting in either region.

So it comes down to whether you wish to follow what the average person
does on the street level or do you want learn to behave as the
well-mannered person does in more refined settings?

I would suggest applying good manners first (as practiced by the few)
rather than what you see practiced by the many. Don't shovel your food
if you don't want to look uncouth among the refined either in Asia or in
the West.

Cheers! -- Rik

Rik Brown
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