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"Theodore A. Kaldis" wrote in message

Someone has too much time on their hands? What "rights" do animals have,
given that rights are God-given, in light of Gen. 3:21?

I don't think God has anything to do with it, but he did impose a very
lenient punishment on the serpent by ordering it to crawl on its belly and
eat dust, which it was anatomically well suited to do. There seems to be no
record of any appeal by the serpent, since the punishment was plainly
neither cruel nor unusual.

Animals do not have any rights under law except to the extent that certain
laws and regulations exist to protect them from ill-treatment. As the
inmates at Guantanamo Bay have remarked, at times animals get treated much
better than humans. Those who want to campaign for animal rights should
ensure their clients can afford to pay them. Presumably in fresh meat.