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Default 5 star Upton teas

On Jun 29, 2:16 pm, toci > wrote:
> I have a personal 3 stars on their English Breakfast Blend, their
> Scottish Breakfast Blend, and their River Shannon Breakfast Blend-
> three of their best sellers. I'd rather be a bit more adventuresome
> than drink blended teas that taste the same year in and year out.
> Your picture looks like you drink tadpoles, though. Toci

Heh, I brew my tadpoles like a green tea... lower temp water but
they're only good for one infusion. That pic is of a seriously high-
quality Bi Lo Chun, which would certainly be a 5 star tea for me. I
like Upton's, It's just that I can't really order from them in good
faith when I know for a couple dollars more I can have some 3-4 star
tea elsewhere. Occasionally something there catches my eye though and
it is always pretty decent.

- Dominic