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Default 5 star Upton teas

On Jun 29, 9:24*am, "Dominic T." > wrote:
> On Jun 28, 8:10 pm, toci > wrote:
> > My choices-TC56 Koslanda Estate Organic BOP- TE15 Earl Grey- TN68
> > Iyerpadi Estate Organic OP. * * Toci

> Wow 5 stars for any offering from Upton's would be tough for me. I'm
> not a DJ expert and they do tend to cover that area pretty well so I
> guess it is possible. I'd have to say 2-3 stars is my top for Uptons
> on most every tea I've tasted over the years. The day they offer
> something like this:
> I'll happily give them 5 stars
> That said, I have enjoyed a number of their breakfast/black teas and
> flavored options like the extra bergamot Earl Grey.
> - Dominic

I have a personal 3 stars on their English Breakfast Blend, their
Scottish Breakfast Blend, and their River Shannon Breakfast Blend-
three of their best sellers. I'd rather be a bit more adventuresome
than drink blended teas that taste the same year in and year out.
Your picture looks like you drink tadpoles, though. Toci